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Making the Case: The Shelter's Role in Cruelty Investigations


This class will focus on the important role the shelter plays in the cruelty investigation. We will focus on record keeping, evidentiary procedures, laws, medical decisions and housing. Better understanding of when to contact an ACO and when to call in a veterinarian. Understanding the laws regarding privacy, specifically what can go on social media, when rescues can be called in, and when to allow information to be released to the media.

With this knowledge, both ACO and shelter staff will be able to successfully work together during the cruelty investigation process. With better handling of the evidence as well as improved case continuity, cases will be able to be prosecuted, improving the lives of animals in the community.

*DSHS approved for 8 hours CEU


This class is ideally suited for:

  • Shelter staff & ACOs involved in housing animals during the adjudication process.

  • Good for shelter or rescue volunteers as well.

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