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Urban Wildlife of Texas

With the continuing urban expansion of most Texas cities encroaching natural habitats, human encounters with native wildlife are becoming more frequent.  Many animals can adapt and even thrive in the presence of humans, which will eventually lead to nuisance complaints and possible zoonotic issues.  Identifying some of the diets, behaviors and habitats of some common urban wildlife in Texas will help explain their part in the ecosystem and how to discourage their presence in residential neighborhoods. 

This class will cover how the reproductive cycle and migratory patterns can impact nuisance calls and will also cover the safe capture and handling of indigenous species.

As our primary goal is education, ACO’s will learn how to guide the public toward a peaceful coexistence with wildlife and we will also examine how to make a residential area less conducive to wildlife invasion instead of adopting a “catch and kill” or "catch and relocate" mentality.

Rare, threatened and endangered species will also be discussed along with resources available for rehabilitation of wild animals.

DSHS Approved for 4 hours CEU


This class is ideally suited for:


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