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AC Administrator

This class is suited for seasoned ACOs looking to complete their administrative level, as well as shelter managers or directors tasked with supervising an animal control field services division. This course is also ideally suited for persons who are tasked with managing an animal control program who have no prior animal control experience. As happens frequently, the animal control program will be handed to someone who has never worked in this field, has more than one unit under their supervision, or both.

During the two day class, we will review all the main laws animal control officers have to navigate in their daily job duties. We will examine the rabies virus and how it affects communities in Texas as well as the laws dealing with it. Finally, we will discuss the differences in what non-sworn personnel are able to do and how to effectively build and manage an animal control program.

DSHS approved for 16 hours of CEU



This class is ideally suited for:

  • ACOs who passed their basic exam and have completed Advanced ACO.

  • More seasoned ACOs wanting to complete level 3 in their training.

  • Top level animal control supervisors.

  • Anyone tasked with managing ACOs but has little to no previous experience in animal control.

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