Austin Reptile Service
Website includes an identification guide to Texas snakes.
Animal Equipment by Stoney
The mission of Animal Equipment by Stoney LLC. is to become the premier provider of handling and capture equipment.
Texas Unites for Animals Conference
Our mission is to provide a system of information, support and guidance by:
• Enhancing professionalism in the animal welfare industry
• Strengthening the human companion animal bond
• Promoting respect and compassion for all life
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Wildlife Fact Sheets
Texas Humane Legislative Network
We at the Texas Humane Legislation Network - a 501c4 - are working to stop abuse before it starts. Our IRS status as a 501c4 allows us to be different. We advocate for strong, enforceable laws that will prohibit cruel acts against animals and give law enforcement and prosecutors the tools they need to bring justice in the courtroom.
My Dog is Cool
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