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Basic Kennel Tech


This class is ideally suited for:

  • Anyone just starting a job at a kennel.

  • Anyone wanting to improve their kennel care and cleaning abilities.

  • Great class to help kennel attendants move up at their agency!

The Basic Kennel Technician course is broken into 3 individual 8 hour classes and is designed for individuals currently working in or seeking to work in an animal care facility.  The goal of this course is to prepare you for working in any animal care facility (private or governmentally owned) .

Basic Kennel Technician 1

This is first of 3 courses and serves as an introductory course focusing on the basics of dog and cat behavior, proper animal identification and documentation as well as handling and restraint to ensure animal and handler safety. The class ends with discussing the common injuries and ailments observed in shelter animals, including internal and external parasites, and what constitutes an emergency.

Basic Kennel Technician 2

This is the second of 3 courses and serves as an introductory course focusing on the basics of zoonotic and dog/cat diseases and how to prevent and manage disease outbreaks in a shelter setting.  

Basic Kennel Technician 3 

This is the last of 3 courses and serves as a “wrapping up” course focusing further on disease prevention in a shelter environment to include proper cleaning techniques and protocols with emphasis on correct usage of chemicals to ensure safety of animals and humans in the facility. The last portion of the class touches on rabies and rabies quarantine to include basics of the virus, Texas rabies laws, quarantine SOPs and when and how to interact with quarantined animals.

Each course is $200/person and DSHS approved for 8 hours of ACO CE 

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