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Bohemian Tahitian Daneapugadoodle

This class will focus specifically on dog and cat breeds. We will spend a large portion of the class learning about the breeds that are recognized by the AKC and Cat Fanciers Association. We will have a brief review of genetics and the role they play in determining not only breeds, but how genetic abnormalities have changed the breed game.

We will also spend time discussing the role animal breeds play in court cases, both large and small. How to make use of the listed dog breeds to ensure continuity of case investigations as well as how to keep from losing your case due to incorrect breed identification.


We will examine breed specific legislation. We will have discussion on the effects of these laws on communities and how they have changed breed labeling. In addition, we will discuss labeling breeds when they come into a shelter or rescue. Discuss the pros and cons of assigning a breed as opposed to a generic mixed breed, and how to use both to increase adoptions.


Finally, we will discuss the phenomenon of "designer breeds." The role these breeds have played in society and the misinformation it has caused in the US.

DSHS Approved for 4 hours CEU


This class is ideally suited for:


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