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Compassion Fatigue for the Animal Welfare Worker

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The class will begin with an introduction to Compassion Fatigue and students will interact with the instructor and other students during a round table discussion exercise.  During this exercise the students will discuss their familiarity with compassion fatigue and with the help of the instructor, class goals will be established for the day so that group discussions can be better guided throughout the course. 


There will be an introduction to the core concepts of crisis intervention and preparation for before, during, and after a critical incident regarding animal care. The class will be provided definitions and statistics for crisis intervention, methods of trauma that Animal Control Workers are exposed to and various cases will be discussed. This class will discuss depression, and suicide rate information among animal control workers. We will specifically focus on the psychological health and wellbeing of the animal control officer and their families by providing health and wellness information and resources.


The class will spend a large portion of the time learning how trauma will negatively affect not only the officer but the family as well and will provide information on how to survive and thrive.

DSHS Approved for 8 hours CEU


2 for 1 Tuition! Send two students for the price of one!

This class is ideally suited for:

  • Anyone who works in animal welfare in any capacity!

  • We especially encourage those just starting out in this industry to help understand what you will be facing and have the tools to be able to thrive

Cathy is a certified Peer Support Counselor and instructor for the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. Along with her husband Javier, she has traveled all over the country to help law enforcement and animal welfare professionals with understanding the importance of mental health and the best ways to take care of yourself, co-workers, volunteers, and staff.


Cathy has over 25 years in law enforcement and is a certified Master Peace Officer. She is a published author of articles addressing mental health in law enforcement, and is an active peer support member who deploys across Texas and the U.S. to provide support after critical incidents.

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