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Animal Cruelty

Investigations 101

Are you just starting out investigating animal cruelty? In this course, we will discuss how to get a cruelty investigation started. Topics include; history of cruelty, active & passive cruelties, 4th amendment, plain view doctrine, Texas penal codes related to crimes against animals, search warrants, the adjudication process, and more. We will also spend time discussing various situational studies to better determine when education is the best route instead of jumping straight into prosecution. We will end day two with case study activities where students will work through an animal cruelty case investigation.

*This class is NOT affiliated with the TCCI series

**DSHS Approved for 16 hours of CEU

**TCOLE Approved for 16 hours of CEU


$335/TCOLE student

This course provided through coordination with TCOLE training provider Menger Public Safety Training


This class is ideally suited for:

  • All ACOs and Peace officers who are involved in investigating animal cruelty.

  • Seasoned investigators who would like a 'refresher' on this topic.

  • Any ACO who is starting out in this field and is interested in working in cruelty investigations.

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