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Dangerous Dog Investigator


In this 24-hour course, we will spend a large portion of time doing in depth review of TX Health & Safety Code 822. This course is very detailed with heavy class participation and discussion. The objective of this class will be to provide each investigator with the knowledge and practice to allow them to feel comfortable working Dangerous Dog cases in the field, appearing in court, and helping to alter or draft local ordinances.


We will begin by learning all the definitions and terminology of the Dangerous Dog law. We will have discussion and examples of what makes a dangerous dog. This will be followed by coverage of the rest of TX Health & Safety Code 822, Subchapter D. On day 1 we will have two case studies of past dangerous dog cases to understand how to make the decision to declare a dog dangerous as well as how to draft a dangerous dog declaration. The end of day one will be finished up with a practical exercise: Drafting a dangerous dog declaration.


Day two we will cover the role the court plays in a Dangerous Dog declaration. We will also review when to use state law and when to use local ordinances. We will further discuss the court’s role in the process in regard to the Appeal process. We will discuss how to properly prepare for court and how to maintain continuity of documentation. Finally, we will learn each of the state requirements of owning a dangerous dog in Texas. We will review the proper way to perform an inspection as well as how to maintain contact with the insurance company.


Day three we will learn how to determine if compliance has been met and how to use local ordinances to increase the requirements of the dangerous dog owner. We will learn how to handle their cases when compliance is broken, and when a revocation of a dangerous dog license is necessary. We will spend the afternoon of day three doing a practical. Each student will be given a different dangerous dog case and will have to work through it to completion and present their case to the class. We will finish the day with a review of TXHSC 822, subchapters B, C, & E.

DSHS Approved for 24 hours of CEU

TCOLE Approved for 24 hours of CEU through our partnership with Menger Training, LLC.

$400/DSHS hours

$435/TCOLE hours

**Please note: If you are deciding between this class and the 1 day Rabies Law/Dangerous Dog Law class: This class is very in depth and comprehensive including class practical's and ordinance review. The Rabies Law/Dangerous Dog Law class is a brief review of the law and the basics of those types of investigations.

This class is ideally suited for:

  • ACOs & Supervisors who are involved in the investigation of dangerous dogs in Texas.

  • Peace Officers who are involved in Dangerous Dog Investigations

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