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FTO for the ACO

Training new Animal Control Officers can be a daunting task as our field continues to develop and evolve, yet there remains a lack of consistency with training protocol. This class will focus on developing a uniform yet customizable training guideline which can fit within most all departments and agencies. The training guideline follows a basic five phase FTO program which will cover all the needed basic information for anyone beginning with an agency. The objective in this class will be techniques on how to teach to different learning types, how to focus on what is important when working within a strict timeline and the customizable timeline itself. At the completion of the class, a USB drive will be provided to each attendee which will be pre-loaded with forms to take back to individual agencies to create ACO FTO programs.

DSHS approved for 8 hours CEU


FTO patches.jpg

This class is ideally suited for:

  • Anyone tasked with training incoming ACOs

  • Supervisors and managers wanting to streamline their training programs.

  • Current FTOs who want to improve their training abilities.

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