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Local Rabies Control Authority

This course is designed to a comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Local Rabies Control Authority. It is ideally suited for individuals who have been appointed LRCA, are going to be appointed, have been designated to similar roles by the LRCA, or supervisors who oversee the Animal Control Unit.


We will begin the day with a detailed review of the rabies virus. We will discuss the history of the disease, the epidemiology, how it is spread, the statistics both domestic and globally, as well as current treatments.


We will then go through all of TX Health & Safety Code, Chapter 826. Students can expect to gain a better understanding of the laws governing the control of rabies in Texas. After a break, we will then review TX Administrative Code 169.21-169.34.


After lunch, we will discuss what the responsibilities of the LRCA are and the proper procedures for appointing the LRCA. We will then spend time reviewing bite and rabies exposure investigations. We will discuss several scenarios and review different forms of investigation paperwork.


We will close out the day with case studies and practical exercise. Students will each be give a scenario which they will have to write out a complete investigation report with follow up and close out of the case. And finally, we will discuss rabies specimen preparation and submission.

8 hours DSHS CEU


This class is ideally suited for:

  • All ACOs, supervisors, and public health officials who are involved in any capacity in rabies investigations.

  • Anyone new to rabies investigations.

  • Anyone wanting to improve their rabies investigations to ensure the best in public safety.

  • Also great for the more seasoned investigator!

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Thank you for making this class enjoyable, it was very easy to follow.

Tabitha was very knowledgeable and clear

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