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Situational Awareness & Officer Safety (Includes Bite Stick)

This class is taught by Lana Toporek.

Animal Control Officers encounter similar threats that patrol officers encounter throughout their workday. This course will make them aware of threat indicators and give them a basic introduction to the concept of officer safety. They will also learn how situational awareness and maintaining a safe interview stance can translate to defending yourself if the situation should arise.


This course will cover Texas Penal Code Ch. 46 Weapons - 46.15(g) Nonapplicability and how it applies to Animal Control Officers. Hands on training for use of a bite stick will include how to safely handle a collapsible baton to include opening and closing as well as defensive stances to safely access the bite stick.  This course will also cover defensive posturing with a fixed and collapsible baton in order to deter an attack from an animal.


*This course does not include self-defense from the ground*

DSHS approved for 4 hours CEU


Self Defense Practice

This class is ideally suited for:

  • ACOs who have not received bite stick training.

  • ACOs wanting to update their bite stick and officer safety training.

  • All ACOs who work in the field!

I enjoyed learning from Lana and look forward to more classes from her.

Lana was knowledgeable and easy to follow.

Lana was amazing and very informative

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