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Public Relations for the ACO

Animal Control Officers are often the ambassador of their department and animal shelter. As the face of an organization, an officer’s interaction with the public can either build trust within their community or tear it down.  A positive relationship with the community served is built through the work officers do every day in the field as well as how the media reports the happenings in Animal Welfare. 


The goal of this class is to prepare officers for in person interaction as well as print and video media so as to better manage the information the media reports. To achieve the goal of moving from the image of the dreaded “dog catcher” to that of an Animal Control Officer requires positive community partnerships. This class will discuss ways to improve a department’s public image through social media, fundraising, and day to day public interactions.

DSHS Approved for 4 hours CEU


This class is ideally suited for:

  • ACOs & Shelter Staff who have to deal with the public.

  • Anyone who will be expected to interact with the media either through in person or on camera interviews, or drafting press releases.

  • Anyone looking to improve their interactions with the public.

Press Conference
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