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Rabies Case Investigator

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This 16 hour course will focus on the importance of quality rabies investigations. Students can expect to be able to understand the Texas Rabies Laws as well as how to apply the basics of the laws to any difficult or complicated case they may come across in the field.


Day one will be spent understanding the epidemiology of the rabies virus, TXHSC 826, and TAC 169. We will discuss the components of both rabies exposure investigations as well as animal bites to humans. We will review all the rabies risk groups (high risk, low risk, other, and dogs, cats, & domestic ferrets). We will complete the day with proper rabies specimen prep and submission.


Day two we will continue discussing rabies investigations. Students will also learn about rabies transmissions, rates of incidents, as well as global, national, and state wide trends. We will discuss human and animal death and survival rates, and treatment. The second half of the day we will review several case studies with class discussion to tie together how a case comes together from initial investigation to final disposition. We will end the day with each student beginning their assigned practical. Each student will be assigned both a rabies exposure situation and a human rabies exposure they will have to fully investigate, write a report, complete associated paperwork, and write up the final resolution for both of their assigned cases.

Students will investigate the case assignments. During this time, they will be able to work with other students to help each other with their cases and have discussion. In the afternoon, each student will be presenting their cases to the class with time for discussion. The day will finish with students understanding the importance of public outreach and education as a critical

part of reducing rabies exposures in their communities.

DSHS Approved for 16 hours of CEU


This class is ideally suited for:

  • All ACOs, supervisors, and public health officials who are involved in any capacity in rabies investigations.

  • Anyone new to rabies investigations.

  • Anyone wanting to improve their rabies investigations to ensure the best in public safety.

  • Also great for the more seasoned investigator!

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