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Dotting T's & Crossing I's: SOP/SOG/MOU and the

Rest of the Alphabet

Policies, procedures, rules, guidelines… these all strike dread and fear into most people’s hearts, but these tedious documents can save money, careers, and lives if put together and executed properly.  This course is designed to help supervisors, managers, and aspiring leaders to evaluate, refresh, and completely rewrite their current policies and procedures. 


Effective policy making creates a safe environment for staff, volunteers, visitors, and the animals in their care.  This course also covers how to work with other agencies outside of your jurisdiction to build good working relationships and produce seamless cooperation during times of disaster.  Students are requested to bring a copy of their current policies and procedures to be used during the writing exercises.

DSHS Approved for 8 hours CEU



This class is ideally suited for:

  • Anyone who is responsible for writing or editing SOPs, SOGs, or MOUs.

  • Anyone who is responsible for writing, or editing mission and vision statements.

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